If you consider yourself a superfan of any musician, you may have just been shown up. Model Amber Rose has named her newborn baby Slash Electric after the iconic Guns N' Roses guitarist and...his instrument.

Rose gave birth to Slash Electric Alexander Edwards last week. Baby Slash is fathered by Alexander "A.E" Edwards, a label executive at Def Jam. "Slash a rockstar," Edwards posted on his Instagram, holding a picture of his son.

Rose was signed to Ford Models in 2009 after making appearances in music videos and Louis Vuitton ads. She gained popularity as she dated prominent rappers over the years, including Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and 21 Savage.

However, she's got a sweet spot for rock and roll as she's posted several photos of the Guns N' Roses guitarist across her social media accounts. She recently posted a screen recording from the "November Rain" video, writing, "Best guitar solo ever! G.O.A.T Slash is the greatest guitar player/ Musician of all time I don’t give a fuck who came before him or after."

As ironic as it is that the model's last name is Rose, it has nothing to do with Guns N' Roses. Her mother Dorothy's maiden name was Rose. Imagine calling the baby Slash Rose?

We did catch wind of a Guns N' Roses stan who recently named his son Axl after the frontman, though — Rick Dunsford — but he got himself into a bit of trouble with the band shortly after.

Guns N' Roses' Not in This Lifetime tour continues tonight (Oct. 23) in Oklahoma City, Okla. See the remaining dates here.

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