We’ve got great news for Evanescence fans! Rock queen Amy Lee recently dropped by our studio for an interview and promised her loyal fanbase that “there is Evanescence in the future.”

On Halloween 2015, we reported that Amy Lee had no plans for a new Evanescence album. The songstress has spent the last two years focused on being a mom, working on various film soundtracks and even covering some classic songs. In August 2016, Evanescence gave fans a thrill by announcing a monthlong U.S. tour, but there was still no word on the act’s future in a broader sense.

Thankfully, Amy clued us in on some future plans. “There is Evanescence in the future,” Lee begins. “Not going to go into a ton of detail because I want to take things step by step. We’re doing this really cool vinyl box set with all of our albums including pre-Fallen material, which the fans have been asking for forever — and I kind of hate it so I kind of buried it — but now I’m letting them have it, so that’s really cool. And did a new recording of another pre-Fallen song that’s really, really beautiful. I can’t wait for it to come out.”

Amy also spoke about the specific moments she’s looking forward to on Evanescence’s upcoming string of dates. “I’m most looking forward to the things we haven’t done yet, so I’m not gonna tell you exactly what they are, but there’s a couple of songs that are almost just for me. One of them is 'The Change.' It’s not our most famous song by any means, it wasn’t even a single and it’s just one of my favorite songs we’ve done as a band and there’s just something about the way I can just release my mind singing it. There’s no lyrics in the bulk of the chorus, I love it; it just makes me feel so inside the music.”

Check out part of our exclusive interview with Amy Lee above! Amy’s new children's album, Dream Too Much, is now available to buy and can be streamed for free by Amazon Prime members!

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