It has been four years since Evanescence fans were last treated to new music and the gap between their self-titled 2011 release is still widening. Singer Amy Lee has been active lately, though, offering her vocal talents to other endeavors. Between recording for film scores and her own series of cover songs, she has remained busy to a certain extent and even has new music in the works.

Revealing to Rolling Stone, Lee said "I am definitely working and making music with every intention of people hearing it at this point." Clarifying this, she added, "I don't know the plan with Evanescence. I don't have any news or plans for new Evanescence, but new music for me, for sure."

The statement echoes one she made in August of last year, also to Rolling Stone, where she discussed her need to be musically creative outside of the confines of Evanescence. “I’ve said this all the way through Evanescence, especially on the second and third record: ‘I have the freedom to express myself completely within the band, so why would I want to do anything else?’ And that’s true only to an extent, because as much as I could go through a range of emotions, there’s a certain expectation there. With the fans, with myself, I know what Evanescence is; it’s an entity, it’s bigger than just myself, which is awesome, but I can write a song and go, ‘That is or isn’t an Evanescence song,’ and they both happen. So there does need to be other outlets for me to make music.”

Lee recently unveiled her cover of Portishead's "It's a Fire," showcasing her powerful and emotional voice. The singer also  recorded a solo song in 2014 with composer Dave Eggar, "Push the Button" for the 'Aftermath' which is the soundtrack to the film 'War Story.' The electronic song written, recorded, and mixed by Lee is quite a departure from what fans are used to hearing from the singer, but still retains the dark overtones fans are familiar with in Evanescence.

While there are no plans for new music with Evanescence, as previously reported, the band will be reuniting for a headlining appearance at Ozzfest in Japan and will be playing three U.S. shows beforehand. Commenting on this, she explained "We got offered to do Ozzfest Japan in the beginning of the year, so I was like 'Let's say yes to that. I just added the three U.S. dates on to it so we could get a little practice before doing a big gig where everything is out of your control. It will be good to see the fans again."

Shedding light on plans for the band in 2016, she stated, "I'm going to be keeping my eye open to us for more opportunities. Like probably next year." For now, Evanescence can be caught in Nashville, Tenn. on Nov. 13, Dallas, Texas on Nov. 15 and Los Angeles, Calif. on Nov 17. Following these dates, the band will head to Japan for Ozzfest.

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