Evanescence singer Amy Lee is showing off a much different side of her than fans may be used to with the release of a new electronica song, ‘Push the Button.’ The track is featured on ‘Aftermath,’ the soundtrack to the movie ‘War Story,’ which is available now.

Lee teamed up with composer Dave Eggar to create the music for the film ‘War Story,’ which she said would surprise her fans. “It’s not what you’d expect; the film is very dark, very introspective," Lee explained. "There’s not even a lot of dialogue, which is great, because to me it makes this beautiful, sad platform for music. There’s a lot of blending of sounds, a lot of ominous tones. I play a lot of keyboard, and a lot of Taurus pedal. There’s a lot of low drones.”

Earlier this year, Lee said that the film’s director had a hard time finding the right song for a certain scene in ‘War Story,' so she decided to write one herself, which turned out to be ‘Push the Button.’ “It’s very different for me, it’s electronic. I did it all myself, which was crazy, because I’m used to engineering and writing and mixing demos in my house, but being responsible for that being the end product was a new challenge for me, It was like ‘This is it, I’m mixing this.’”

In other Amy Lee news, the singer recently addressed the state of Evanescence saying, “I don’t like to make predictions about the future, because I’m honestly open-minded, and I would never want to say I’m done with any of it, because it’s a huge part of me. I’ve love my time with Evanescence, I wouldn’t want to just throw it away, but, for the foreseeable future, I don’t’ have any plans to do anything with the band. It’s really important to me to take some time to show some different sides of myself.”

The 'Aftermath' soundtrack is available now on iTunes now. The film 'War Story' stars Catherine Keener and Ben Kingsley. It's open in select cities now.

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