It's already hard enough trying to make it as a metal band today without added obstacles. Ancient Burials, a tech-deathcore band from Portland, Oreg. faced an interesting one the other night — their guitarist was too young to go inside.

The band were set to play a show with another Portland band, Paradigm Shift, at the Hawthorne Theatre in Portland on Aug. 20. Apparently one of Ancient Burials' guitarists didn't meet the minimum age of 21 to get into the venue, and their comrades came to their rescue.

"So our homeboy in Ancient Burials was a bit too young to play inside, so we hooked him up with some wireless gear," Paradigm Shift posted on their Facebook with a video of the guitarists shredding on a street corner. "I think it has to do with Oregon's state laws," Paradigm bassist Galen VanEeckhoutte said in a comment. "In my younger years in Michigan playing gigs they always just marked my hands with an X."

He might not be able to play in a 21+ venue, but you know, he can go to war and buy guns. It's cool.

The show appeared to go on as usual, with the Ancient Burials guys headbanging and playing in sync with each other, and small audience of people watching and filming. Metal prevails. Watch the video below.

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