At the first ever Sonic Temple Festival, we got to speak with comedy legend Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay, Eleanor Kerrigan and Dice's sons in the band No1Cares. During this chat, we talked about his kids playing on Tom Green’s old Internet show, a potential Dice documentary, his album The Day the Laughter Died and more.

No1Cares used to go by the name LA Rocks. If you ever watched Tom Green’s House Tonight a decade ago, you may have seen Max and Dillon jamming on the web show. The duo talk about how No1Cares and LA Rocks are essentially the same project, with the dynamic between them as brothers driving their music.

The two sons of Dice are also plotting a potential documentary on their comic father. “When my Dad tends to work with other people, when he’s not at the helm of control, shit gets fucked up,” Max explains. “They try to water him down. They hire Dice to be Dice and then they’re like, ‘You can’t do that.’ We want to tell this story, because the only way it’s ever gonna come out right and truthful is if we do it.”

As for Dice’s anti-comedy classic, The Day the Laughter Died, the comic talks about coming up with “the ultimate late night set” and working with Rick Rubin. “The way Rick used to talk to the media was, ‘Dice is the end of comedy.’ When Mitzi Shore [the owner of Dangerfield’s Comedy Club] heard it, she goes, ‘This album will ruin your career.’ The album went gold in four days.”

Check out our interview with Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay, Eleanor Kerrigan and No1Cares above. Also, check out Dice telling the story of how he reunited Guns N’ Roses.

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