Andy Biersack's been a busy man, balancing music from Black Veil Brides, Andy Black and The Relentless. If that last project doesn't ring a bell, don't worry, it soon will. That's because it's the band that Biersack fronts in the upcoming film American Satan, and The Relentless have just released their first video for "Let Him Burn."

Rock fans will also spot Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce frequently in the clip as he plays the guitarist in the group, and there are also plenty of shots both onstage with The Relentless and pieces of members of the cast from the film also on display.

Some of the other faces you might recognize in the film include Malcolm McDowell, Bill Goldberg, Denise Richards, Mark Boone, Jr., Drake Bell, Larry King, BooBoo Stewart, Bill Duke, Olivia Culpo, Jesse Sullivan, Sebastian Gregory and Acacia Brinley.

The film centers on a young rock band who move to Los Angeles to chase their dreams on the Sunset Strip when they meet a stranger (McDowell) who sees their passion and manipulates them into a deal for stakes much greater than they initially imagined.

American Satan comes from the mind of Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen and the film will arrive in theaters on Friday, Oct. 13. With Biersack and Bruce on hand, you can expect plenty of music in the film. For now, if you like what you heard from The Relentless, you can pick up "Let Him Burn" via Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

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