Loudwire’s Graham Hartmann and Joe DiVita are answering your questions to celebrate hitting 500,000 subscribers on YouTube!

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a question to be answered for our 500K subscribers special! We poetically received nearly 500 questions from fans on YouTube, so Graham and Joe threw a bunch of them in our skull bowl and offered up their responses.

We got a ton of questions about Loudwire’s longtime signature series ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ Along with a ton of requests for future guests, viewers asked Graham about his favorite moment from the 100-plus episodes, his favorite guest off all time and much more!

Another popular question that just needed to be answered was, “What’s the story behind that Axl Rose candle in the back?” The candle has been a fixture of our studio for quite some time, so we gave viewers a closer look at the messianic decoration.

We even debuted some never-before-seen footage in this Q&A segment. When asked if anything interesting or shocking ever happened during an interview, we revealed a story about Scott Stapp saving one of our cameras from certain annihilation. After one of our tripod legs suddenly gave out, one of our $5,000 cameras was about to meet its demise, but with superhuman reflexes, Stapp was able to snatch the camera just inches before hitting the floor… and we’ve got the tape to prove it!

Thanks again for helping us hit 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and watch Graham and Joe answer the questions you submitted above!

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