It's been a rough couple of days for Anthrax, as the rhythm section has had to leave their current tour temporarily. Drummer Charlie Benante's mother is terminally ill, and she just so happens to be bassist Frank Bello's grandmother, so her son and grandson have put business on the backburner to be by her side, rightfully so. But it was also a rough couple of years for the band before popular vocalist Joey Belladonna returned to the fold, with new album 'Worship Music' sitting on the shelf after initially being recorded with singer Dan Nelson. Despite all the things that have happened with the album, guitarist Scott Ian is very happy with the end result.

In a chat with U Weekly, Ian said, "It just felt really good to have worked so hard on something for a period of time to finally see it come to fruition definitely felt good." But it was more than just getting the album done and out for the fans. The band is truly thrilled with the product it put forth.

Ian continued, "More importantly, to have made the record we made … to be so happy with the record we made, that was the most important thing. I don't really care how long it takes to work on something as long as it's right … as long as it's correct and as long as we're happy with it. That's really all I care about."

Ian also sounded off a bit about the Occupy movement, and about performing once again with ex-Anthrax singer John Bush, who made a cameo at those Metallica 30th anniversary shows in December. Ian recalled being on stage with Bush, saying he didn't really notice Bush's exact location on the stage since they weren't side by side again!

"The only time I knew I was near him is ‘cause he’d run past me and whip me in the butt with his fingers," Ian said. "He does this whip thing with his fingers so I’d know that John had just past me by." That sounds dangerous - a "whip thing!"