What exactly is the association between Asking Alexandria and former vocalist Danny Worsnop these days? That is the question of the moment, as the band and their label Sumerian Records have been dipping into the vaults of late, posting materials related to the Danny-era of the band in advance of the "10 Years in the Black" tour that they are headlining this fall.

It was recently revealed that Worsnop and guitarist Ben Bruce had squashed any previous beef caused by Worsnop's exit from the band and that not only had they been out for drinks, but also spent time together in a studio with Matt Good on hand as well. No sooner had the reunion between the pair hit social media did the speculation start that the group's current frontman Denis Stoff was out, with some suggesting that there had been an "unfollowing" situation on social media, something that Bruce denied.

But over the past few days, Sumerian Records have posted photos of Danny and Ben from an old music video and an old school photo of the band on their social media. Asking Alexandria have gone even further, posting images of all of their various releases with Worsnop as well as some older photos of band members online. There has also been a shared photo of a night out drinking posted to both Worsnop and Bruce's Instagram accounts. See all of the postings below:

Given that the band is set to headline the "10 Years in the Black" tour celebrating Sumerian Records' anniversary, all of the nostalgic postings could just be to salute the band's history with the label, but it seems odd that The Black, the band's most recent album with Stoff on vocals, has not been included in the postings. And it has yet to be confirmed what exactly Worsnop and Bruce recorded in the studio with Matt Good. Was it merely onetime bandmates getting together for a jam or something more? Time will tell, and we may get an answer soon as the "10 Years in the Black" tour, which also features Born of Osiris, I See Stars, After the Burials, Upon a Burning Body and Bad Omens, gets underway Oct. 25 in Seattle. Dates for the run can be found here.

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