For a while now, there has been a tremendous amount of exciting metal coming from America's Southern states. North Carolina metallers ASG are getting ready to unleash their fourth studio album, 'Blood Drive,' on May 28, and we've got a true banger from the disc to share with you right now. It's the exclusive premiere of ASG's new track 'Castlestorm' (listen below).

In the vein of brilliant acts such as Mastodon and Baroness, ASG mix dirty production with a smooth, yet sludgy feel. 'Castlestorm' consists of everything a Southophile metalhead wants to hear in modern heavy music. The track's opening guitar riff immediately sucks the listener into ASG's sonic quicksand before trudging ahead with a powerful verse featuring yet another big riff. The guitars are relentless throughout 'Castlestorm,' never allowing for a boring second within the four-minute track. How many riffs, transitions and solos can ASG throw into a single song? The answer could fit inside nothing less than an 18-wheeler.

The voice of Jason Shi adds yet another powerful element into 'Castlestorm.' The dude can scream incredibly well, but the semi-clean attack of Shi fits ASG's music in a way that many will equate with the towering attack of Mastodon.

'Castlestorm' is a cut that gives its listener a certain type of itch. It gets under your skin, into the muscles and around the bone; inspiring your body to run towards the nearest metal show. ASG have delivered a track which simply creates the insatiable need to be surrounded by live music.

Check out the exclusive premiere of ASG's 'Castlestorm' in the player below, and if you like what you hear, pre-order the album 'Blood Drive' at the Relapse Records online store.

ASG, 'Castlestorm'