The Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen has signed on to answer fan questions exclusively for Loudwire. Each week, she'll reply to queries about the band and herself, as well as her views on world topics, everyday life and more. Last week, we called on fans to contribute questions for the first edition of 'Ask Taylor,' and we got hundreds of submissions. Below are Taylor's answers to five of the questions:

What was the reasoning behind the song and video for 'Messed Up World (F---ed Up World)'? Can you elaborate on what you seem to have said, in the way that you did, and why you chose to do it that way? -- (submitted by Dee Ortiz)

The song has a '60s vibe to it, so we thought a subtle satire on a '60s beach video would go well with the song. The lyric cards are taken from the famous Bob Dylan video; the rest is just imagery that is completely opposite to what the song is saying ... We threw in the sign at the end just in case people weren't getting it ... It's a polite jab at the mainstream.

Hey Taylor, I was wondering if you ever get nervous before going onstage and if you have any tips for stage anxiety/performing? (submitted by Jade Corina Rose Delbridge-Schmidt)

I get more energized than anxious. There's really no reason to have stage fright -- we're all just people hanging out making music.

What is the most disturbing thing you've ever seen during your travels? Something that made you think, "S--t, that's a f---ed up world!" -- (submitted by Chiara V. Palmieri)

Development. We are ripping this planet apart and for what? New cell phones? I hate my cell phone! If it were actually a convenience, it wouldn't bother me all day long -- it would leave me alone!

What kind of advice would you give to depressed teens? (submitted by Amber Konkonnie)

It will pass. Get through it and realize there's always someone who has it worse, so feel lucky ... unless you really do have it worse, then find someone to help you.

Hello Taylor, I'm an active duty soldier stationed in GA and I was wondering, seeing that you have many fans who are in the military, if you have ever considered doing a concert at an army base? (submitted by Brandon Swearingen)

I sincerely would love to go and entertain the military. It's one of my goals. You all work so hard and sacrifice so much and I'd love to give a little back.

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