Asking Alexandria have certainly put in their time on the road and the band now has their equivalent of Journey's 'Faithfully' video.

The 'Moving On' rock ballad got a huge showcase over the summer as the band played it during their main stage run on the Mayhem Festival. A few of the band's Mayhem pals, like Trivium's Matt Heafy and Body Count's Ice-T make cameos on the clip.

They join the members of Asking Alexandria in expressing both the joys of performing live and the contrasting down moments of missing home and loved ones. Watch the clip, which features a mixture of live performance and backstage vignettes, in the player above.

'Moving On' is the latest single from the band's 'From Death to Destiny' album. You can pick up the song as well as an acoustic version at iTunes. 'From Death to Destiny' is also available at this location.