At the Drive In are continuing a story started with their "Hostage Stamps" video, but going back a bit in the timeline with their new clip for "Call Broken Arrow." Utilizing eye-catching animation, director Rob Shaw delivers yet another interesting bit of context to the ongoing tale.

The video once again revisits the tortured prisoner, who is currently free and wreaking havoc for a group of faceless captors attempting to track him down with the help of some mechanized spiders.

Director Rob Shaw says, "In ‘Hostage Stamps,’ we have a prisoner being tortured and monitored by some sort of authoritarian organization. The guys wanted to show why he was imprisoned, as well as cast doubt over his innocence. It’s funny how in stories, especially film stories, you tend to sympathize with whoever you spend time with. When you watch someone being mistreated, the assumption is that person is the victim. ‘Call Broken Arrow’ is in part about illustrating the prisoner’s culpability, but even that is in doubt as we see the Watcher character who follows him around slipping something in his drink at the end."

As for the song, it's another chaotic rocker from the band, with propulsive guitar and drum work and Cedric Bixler-Zavala perfectly capturing the desperation within the track. "Call Broken Arrow" is one of the standout tracks from At the Drive In's stellar musical return, in•ter a•li•a.

The band is currently on tour in Europe and have dates lined up in the Japan, Australia and the U.K. as well as a lone U.S. stop at Riot Fest on their schedule. See where they're playing from now through the end of November here.

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