Attila stirred things up a little last week with the release of "Callout 2," a track that lived up to its name with singer Chris Fronzak giving plenty of "fucks" about people, places and things that supposedly grabbed his ire. But the track is partially done in jest and partially inspired by legit beefs, and Fronzak is clearing up which is which in a new social media posting.

"Time to clear up the shit-storm my friends. Since everyone keeps blowing up my mentions with questions, here is a DETAILED EXPLANATION of everyone mentioned in #Callout2," states Fronzak with photo mentions of details.

Why did Senses Fail's Buddy Nielsen get called out? Fronzak says, "This dude literally dedicated his entire set every day on Warped Tour 2015 to talk shit about Attila. As if that weren't fulfilling enough, he would talk shit to us on Twitter five minutes after getting offstage. Dude is just a whiny bitch. Lol."

As for Frankie Palmeri from Emmure, Fronzak says, "It's not really a secret thank Frankie is a fucking turd. I mean his entire band OF TWELVE YEARS all simultaneously ditched him. LMAO. He's talked shit to me on and off for several years too, but I just laugh at it. Do I really hate him? Nah, I don't. I don't hold any grudges. I wish the best for him and his band."

On Tim Lambesis, the singer states, "Dude tried to kill his wife. That's super fucked up man."

Meanwhile, some "beefs" aren't as legit, with Fronzak admitting that he has no grudge against Danny Worsnop and loves the "English redneck" and felt it was funny to lump Denis Stoff in as well. He also admits to Facetiming with Tyler Carter from Issues when he added him into the song. "He laughed. It's a fucking joke. I love Tyler more than anyone," says Fronzak. Check out the tweet below for full explanations on the mentions.

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