Get ready to rock as Avatar are unleashing the video for their current single, 'Smells Like a Freakshow' and Loudwire is bringing you the exclusive premiere.

The Swedish rockers have provided an interesting character study for the video, as each of the band members get to play the role of tormentor and the tormented in the Johan Carlen-directed video. The band tells Loudwire, "The video illustrates inner conflict in an explicit manner, using abuse of unjust power in different contexts. The lyrical themes of downfall, embracing of decadence and failed attempts to escape are pointed out by the fact that ultimately the bad guys win."

Though all of the members go through a rough conflict with themselves in the video, singer Johannes Eckerstrom has perhaps the most compelling battle. One version of himself stands tall and confident, whipping and taunting the other version of himself, which is slumped over and chained to a post before attempting to escape.

'Smells Like a Freak Show' is featured on the band's fourth studio album and first proper American release, 'Black Waltz.' Eckerstrom says of their sound, "We're in this weird field, caught in a triangle between extreme metal, rock 'n' roll and what can be described as Avant-garde." But even with that eclectic nature, the singer says he feels the band has hit their stride. He adds, "We finally came to understand what a good groove is all about and what a great fit it was for our sound." The 'Black Waltz' album is currently available for purchase here.

Watch Avatar's 'Smells Like a Freakshow' Video

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