Avenged Sevenfold just rocked an impromptu set at the Helsinki Hard Rock Cafe for a whopping dozen or so people. After having a few drinks, the guys took to the restaurant’s tiny stage and got about halfway through “Nightmare.”

Avenged just finished up a month-long tour of Euorpe, hitting arenas across the continent. However, A7X apparently wanted to bring things back to the band’s formation in 1999… and by that we mean playing in a tiny room for almost no people.

While enjoying their time at the Hard Rock, Avenged inquired about a minimalistic stage setup just a few feet away from where they were sitting. Just minutes later, Avenged were performing “Nightmare” as a four-piece. Guitarist Zacky Vengeance decided to take the night off, choosing instead to play the part of sound guy when M. Shadows’ mic wasn’t working.

You’d think at the freaking Hard Rock Cafe there might have been some Avenged Sevenfold fans sitting around, but not a clap or a cheer was to be heard, nor did any superfans rush the stage to maul Synyster Gates. The awkwardness lost its charm for M. Shadows about halfway through the song, cutting off his bandmates to evacuate the stage as soon as possible.

Check out Avenged Sevenfold’s pro-shot, three-minute concert in Helsinki above!

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