Avenged Sevenfold have certainly had their hands full this year. The group continued their support of the 'Hail to the King' album, headlined the Mayhem Festival this summer, revisited their 'Waking the Fallen' disc with an expansive reissue and just issued their own 'Hail to the King: Deathbat' video game.

A look at their tour schedule shows a fairly blank slate at the moment, so during our recent chat with frontman M. Shadows about the 'Hail to the King: Deathbat' video game, he revealed the band's future plans that include more touring and a brand new DVD. See what Shadows had to say below:

Avenged Sevenfold had a great run on Mayhem over the summer, but a glance at the current tour schedule looks like there's some well deserved time off. What's on the horizon for the band?

We're going to do Southeast Asia and China in January. I think we're going to do Hawaii through all of that, so there's one U.S. date. We wanted to end it after Mayhem and then we said, "You know what, we owe it to Southeast Asia because those happen to be some of our best fans in the world, hands down insane. We never came there on this album cycle. We missed Jakarta on the 'Nightmare' album cycle because of a stage issue. So we just owe it to them. Then we said, "While we're there, why don't we hit up China?" We don't know how that's going to go, but we're excited about it.

Then we have the DVD we're working on right now. It's the next project and we're dealing with mixes and edits and artwork. Then that should come back early next year and then we'll take some time off, maybe start writing a record in the summer or September, who knows? We're starting to get that fire back to where you feel like you have something to prove and that's where we want to me. We want to go up there and be in the mix and put out some killer music.

Is the DVD something along the lines of covering the last tour cycle or is it something more comprehensive?

It starts off just before Jimmy ['The Rev' Sullivan] passes away. Then we just tell our story. Our story is obviously one that not every band has. Our story is one of loss, one that we lost our best friend and we went on to put out two consecutive No. 1 records and got to do Download Festival, Mayhem. So it's basically tracking the whole thing through our own eyes and words, because no one has really heard our side of the story. Other people have just talked about it themselves. We've always been pretty private about it. So, now people are going to get to see visually what we went through and see some killer shows, Download Festival, Mexico City, Rock in Rio, Rock on the Range all mixed into one big package.

As Shadows stated, the DVD is still in the works, with the band hoping to complete it early next year. Stay tuned for release details when they are revealed. In the meantime, learn more about the band's 'Hail to the King: Deathbat' video game here.

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