Avenged Sevenfold have partnered with Guitar Hero Live to offer fans some exclusive content included on the video game. As we previously reported, those who pre-order the latest game in the Guitar Hero franchise will receive three exclusive live tracks from the band, plus unique backgrounds and crowds. The band's frontman, M. Shadows, sat down with Game Informer to talk more about their involvement. Guitar Hero Live comes out Oct. 20 and you can pre-order the game here.

M. Shadows revealed that the exclusive content advertised will come from the band’s performance at either the Download Festival or a performance in Mexico City. The vocalist says they are still working out the specific details and have not yet picked what three live tracks they are going to offer. He did reveal though, that they will make sure some “cool technical stuff” appears on those tracks for gamers to enjoy.

Avenged Sevenfold's music has not only been included on games like Black Ops and in franchises like Madden and Guitar Hero, and Shadows himself is an avid gamer. The frontman talked more about his video game setup on the road. "I have a whole gaming rig that I bring on tour," the singer revealed. "I actually have Internet that's just for me on tour and other people can't sign on. That's my 'lead singer syndrome' when everybody can't get online because I'm playing Black Ops and stuff. I'm definitely a gamer -- I've played my whole life. I've got every Mortal Kombat cabinet and every Street Fighter cabinet in my garage."

Guitar Hero Live will include a ton of new features, like an updated guitar controller, a responsive crowd and bandmates (some of whom will boo or cheer you on) and a live music video streaming channel called GHTV.

M. Shadows talked about the importance GHTV could have on the music business. "You can argue this ‘til the cows come home -- music is not as important to people nowadays as it used to be," he states. "When I was growing up, it was really important; When my dad was growing up, it was very important -- music defined generations -- and now music's just kind of an afterthought. People are doing a lot of different things, so any way that we can get in front of new people, and any way that we can get people to focus on music, that's good for us. Having a streaming service that's shooting videos at people and you're competing and getting into songs is really good for people like us because we need people to be excited about what we do."

It's not out until October, but Guitar Hero Live has already announced a plethora of amazing songs that will be on the game. You can expect tracks from Green Day, Judas Priest, Bullet for My Valentine, Alice in Chains and Queen and many, many more. Pre-order the game here.

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