In mid-May, Avenged Sevenfold were forced to cancel one of their dates supporting Metallica on their 'WorldWired' tour as Synyster Gates welcomed the birth of his first child. He later rejoined the group as they carried on with the trek and now Syn has revealed that even though his baby boy is only two months old, he can feel the little one is a rock star in the making.

In an interview with Cincinnati, the guitarist explained how Avenged had initially mapped out their touring schedule with the birth of the baby in mind. “We blocked out 10 days before and after, so 20 days total, around his due date, thinking that that’s enough time unless something crazy happens. And of course, something crazy happened. I had to cancel a show in Philly. Life is just a bunch of madness, but it’s extremely exciting and we’re definitely having a good time," he explained.

Gates went on to state that Metallica sent the newborn, Nicci Saint James, a gift basket "with a lot of Metallica onesies and kid stuff," adding that the thrash legends are "just the coolest dudes ever."

Regarding whether he sees Nicci following the same musical path, Gates had no reservations that his son was born to rock. “He’s going to be introduced to it all. We play him music all the time. He’s got the buzz already," Syn commented. "When I pick up the guitar or play piano or whatever, he focuses in. His attention span is pretty good when you’re playing music or stimulating the guy like that. I know I’m biased, but it seems pretty obvious to me. He’s already been on the road. He came out a few weeks ago when we were in Houston. He’s already a road veteran," the six-stringer added.

Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez caught up with Gates just days after the birth of his son. Recounting the experience of becoming a father, he said, “The day progresses and your family is crying, it’s all amazing. The next day, you get that time alone with you and your wife and then you develop the bond and then it’s f—ked when you have to leave. I didn’t cry when the kid came out, but I cried when I had to f—king leave, it’s horrible.”

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