Last month, we reported on the major Ronnie James Dio auctions set to take place in September. While those events will still be held, there are currently 666 items from the "Property From the Estate of Ronnie James Dio" auction up for bids and we've compiled 50 of the coolest pieces you can own.

Swords, stage worn tunics and jeans, animatronic stage props from sphinxes to robotic spiders, a baseball signed by Major League Baseball exile Pete Rose and another by Yankees legend Mickey Mantle, a garden gnome (could it be the one that famously was responsible for the loss of Ronnie's thumb in a gardening accent?), cross necklaces, costume jewelry, silver rings, a childhood Little League jersey, original Dio album artwork and more (even his wooden bed frame) can all be seen in the gallery below and purchased by you.

"I am glad that Ronnie’s extensive collection of items will go to his fans, museums, and collectors around the world to be displayed for all to see and enjoy,” stated Wendy Dio. “These items are very special to me but I recognize the historical importance of anything to do with Ronnie and he would want his fans to be able to own, enjoy and see these items for many years to come."

Head here to bid and to see live auction times and further online auction times as well.

50 Awesome Ronnie James Dio Items Up for Auction Right Now

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