Given his well-known penchant for showing up late -- not to mention his knack for inciting the occasional riot -- you'd think most lawyers would blanch at the prospect of W. Axl Rose serving on a trial jury. But that didn't keep the Guns N' Roses singer from doing his civic duty when his number was called for a recent civil trial in Santa Monica, Calif.

"It was relatively painless," says Rose, who just completed a U.S. tour with GN'R last month. "I was fortunate that everyone in the courthouse and jurors were all really great, plus I got to see daylight from a different prospect."

Axl served for "four days of the trial process" before completing his civic duty on Tuesday, according to the rocker's representative.

Watching a pair of opposing sides make their arguments in an orderly fashion could come in handy for Rose over the next few months, as GN'R prepare to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- and rumors continue to swirl that the band's classic lineup could reunite for a performance at the ceremony. Fingers crossed!