BabyMetal have shared the trailer for a new collaboration with members of DragonForce. The two bands collided to create the new song 'Road of Resistance,' which BabyMetal have been jamming live while touring the world.

'Road of Resistance' features lightning-fast DragonForce guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman, who sound like they had a ton of influence on the track. The song seems to weave back and forth between the styles of DragonForce and BabyMetal at times, while intertwining seamlessly during other portions.

The 'Road of Resistance' trailer combines live footage filmed from across the globe. Performing for massive crowds in North America, Europe and the band's native Japan, the video is quite staggering as BabyMetal is still a very new act. Nevertheless, the three Japanese teens have captivated the imaginations of countless fans.

The new track is a bit more accessible than much of BabyMetal's incredibly weird catalogue, but fans of the J-pop / metal phenoms are still connecting with 'Road of Resistance' with undeniable passion.

Check out the 'Road of Resistance' trailer above. To hear the full song in a live setting, check out the fan-filmed footage below.

BabyMetal, 'Road of Resistance' (Live)