It’s time for another new episode of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’. This time around, we sat down with Bad Religion vocalist Greg Graffin to prove and disprove what’s written about him on Wikipedia.

If you love your Wiki episodes completely loaded with fiction, this one’s for you, and after all, what's "stranger than fiction"? Dr. Graffin corrected plenty of misinformation during this segment, starting with his birthplace and putting a contradiction to bed about whether his PhD was earned in Zoology or Evolutionary Biology. As a college science professor in the fall semester, we also got the scoop on whether or not Bad Religion fans flock to take his course.

On Bad Religion’s Wikipedia page for The Gray Race, it says the album was their first since How Could Hell Be Any Worse? that the band recorded together as a group and the first that Graffin actually solicited the opinions of his bandmates before recording. Graffin was quick to slap this claim down, assuring us that Bad Religion has always been a democracy. “[There are] parts of [this] that seem propagandist,” Graffin says about the Wikipedia entry. “We always record as a group. If the band [members] hate a song, they don’t have to play on it. That makes it sound like it was an autocracy.”

One of Graffin’s funniest responses came with a Wiki entry stating Bad Religion’s opening slot on Blink-182’s 2000 U.S. tour “unfortunately” may not have been what Graffin and the boys were hoping for. “Unfortunately, the band was hoping for greater things, like perhaps to be as famous as Blink-182,” Graffin responds sarcastically. In reality, Graffin has nothing but positive memories of the tour and was thankful to play for large crowds that may have not yet experienced the music of Bad Religion.

Check out one of most entertaining ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ videos to date in the clip above! Also, make sure to grab a copy of Greg Graffin’s new solo album, Millport, which sees the musician embrace his folk and American roots music side.

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