Longtime Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson has confirmed that he is no longer part of the legendary punk band. Fans have been speculating about Hetson's status in the band since last year, and although Bad Religion have yet to release an official statement, Hetson confirmed his departure via Twitter.

Bad Religion debuted a lineup without Greg Hetson back in April 2013, recruiting Cult guitarist Mike Dimkich to fill Hetson's place. In response to questions regarding Hetson's absence, Bad Religion bassist Jay Bentley wrote, “Greg Hetson is dealing with some personal issues, if he wishes to make a statement we will support that, if he chooses not to we will support that. Mike Dimkich is indeed helping us out right now, and we are genuinely appreciative. Right now we are just looking forward and getting ready to play our shows.”

Shortly after Bentley's statement, it was reported that Greg Hetson was going through a divorce with wife Alia. The two had only been married two years and accusations of domestic abuse were aimed at both man and wife. According to TMZ, Alia filed a temporary restraining order against the guitarist, claiming her husband had acted physically violent towards her. Greg Hetson shot back with a restraining order of his own, claiming that among other incidents, Alia beat him with a coat hanger and shoved an apple core in his mouth.

Bad Religion changed their official band photo to include Mike Dimkich back in January of this year, although no statement accompanied the picture. However, a few days before the photo was posted, Jay Bentley wrote "So Dimkich is a permanent member of the band" on The Bad Religion Page.

Bentley's words remained fairly low-key, but Greg Hetson recently went to his Twitter account to confirm the news of his departure:

Bad Religion are set to begin writing their 17th studio album this year, following up the awesome 'True North' record released in 2013.