A film's loss is our gain, as Badflower have released a new song called "Fuck the World" for fans to check out.

As singer Josh Katz reveals, the band were initially tasked with writing a song for a film, but got sidetracked on an idea that was just too good to not finish.

“We were asked to write a song for a film placement. Usually when you get asked to do something like that, they are looking for something vague and nonspecific which isn’t something I’m particularly good at but we started writing with that as the intention and totally failed,” says Katz.

He continues, “Climate change is something I feel passionate about and during that time I was heavily engaged in it (there was a critical election going on) and started having this fantasy about a future generation leaving the earth as a result of our generation doing nothing - I couldn’t get that concept out of my head and ended up writing it that way which meant it was way too specific for film placement. I didn’t want to change it so we didn’t and now we’re giving it to all of you instead.”

The track has a darker tone, with Katz mincing no words in the track. "Nature has a gun / Who will save the sun / Don't pretend to give a shit / Keep yourself away from it / Trash the home you left for us / Leave the young to clean it up," he sings at one point, driving home the apathy concerning the ongoing climate crisis.

The song can be heard in the player below and is available via the platform of your choosing at this location.

At present, it is not known if the track will be a stand-alone cut given that it was initially part of a session for a film project or if it will turn up on Badflower's next studio album. Badflower spent time in the studio in 2020 working toward their next record and even released the song "30" last summer coinciding with Katz's 30th birthday. An official announcement has yet to come on their next album release.

Badflower, "Fuck the World"

Big Machine / John Varvatos Records
Big Machine / John Varvatos Records

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