Over a dozen bands dropped off the 2024 Capulet Fest lineup after organizers changed its location the day before it was set to start.

Nothing More, August Burns Red, Skillet, Senses Fail and Saint Asonia were just a few of the 55 acts that were originally set to perform at the 2024 installment of the festival, which was set to take place today (June 28) through Sunday (June 30).

Capulet Fest 2024 Moved to Smaller Location the Day Before It Started

The original venue for the festival was the Thompson Speedway in Thompson, Conn., which has a capacity of 13,000. However, yesterday — just a day before the festival was set to start — Capulet Entertainment shared a post online announcing that they had to move the event to a much smaller venue as a result of a "discrepancy and some miscommunication with the production crew and the speedway."

Thus, the festival was moved to Webster Theater in Hartford, Conn., which only has a capacity of 1,200. The post further added that Nothing More, Senses Fail, Cold, 10 Years, Sleep Theory and Saint Asonia would no longer perform during the weekend.

See the posts, which lists the current lineup, below.

20 Bands Dropped off the Capulet Fest Lineup Since It Was Announced

According to The PRP, a handful of other bands had dropped off the lineup at other points since the festival was first announced back in April — Impending Doom, Gideon, Life in Your Way, Zero 9:36, VCTMS, Horizon Theory, Every Avenue, Makeout, Glasslands, The Ongoing Concept, Lightworker, University Drive and Oyarsa — in addition to the aforementioned groups.

Bands Speak Out on Capulet Fest

Nothing More issued a lengthy statement regarding their decision to pull from the festival on social media, asserting that they were told by the Capulet organizers that they were unable to make it work with them for the day they were scheduled to play.

"Earlier today we were sent a proposed statement from the festival that was a blatant attempt to minimize their responsibility for the situation and even more egregious than that, it offered no solutions for refunds for people who bought single day tickets for Sunday," the post reads.

Senses Fail also shared a post regarding the event.

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"We have had to drop off Capulet fest this weekend and apologize to anyone who was looking forward to seeing us. We are offering guest list to the Boston date of the NJ vs The World Tour in November to those whom bought tickets. Please sign up below."

Fans React to New Capulet Fest Venue + Lineup Changes

Understandably, a lot of fans have expressed frustration online over the festival's last-minute changes, both to its venue and its lineup.

The festival organizers shared some information about parking and accommodations. See the post below and some of the comments bulleted underneath.

  • Issue refunds to those who want them would be the right thing to do and even that doesn’t make up for this disaster. I’ve also been to the Webster and can’t see how this is going to work. We were looking forward to being outside, enjoying the food trucks and we were excited about the vendors. This is clearly not even close to the festival experience we were expecting and paid for. I will never support an event you plan again if you even do.
  • You forgot to include "the hundreds of other people.... good luck walking to the venue from miles away after searching hours for street parking. If you get robbed, shot, or your car broken into, capulet fest is not responsible. Enjoy the show!!! We hope we made you proud."
  • I'm just going to throw this out there, that's kind of embarrassing to brag about. That is a very unsafe area where I've always worried about my vehicle when I go to shows there. Now you want people to stay overnight in a RV or park wherever they can find a space. Honestly, you should have considered canceling the festival and just calling it a day.

Some other fans have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to share their sentiments about the event.

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