They’re taking over! Check out these 8 Bands That Feature Non-Human Musicians!

Much like in The Terminator, robots will eventually supersede us and make humanity obsolete. There’s nothing we can do, so we might as well be entertained by our future cybernetic masters.

Some of the robots in this Loud List perform completely on their own, like Compressorhead. The robo trio has toured all over the world jamming covers of bands like Nirvana and Motorhead. Check them out playing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in the clip above. Another robot act which actually draws crowds is Z Machines, and unlike the other cyborgs featured here, Z Machines actually provide vocals instead of strictly instrumentation.

The non-human takeover doesn’t just apply to robots. Animals are even becoming rock legends. The greatest example of this may be Hatebeak, a metal band fronted by a parrot. It may sound silly, but this bird provides some brutal gutturals and Hatebeak’s songs legitimately accumulate millions of listens on YouTube. And don’t even get us started on Tuna and the Rock Cats, a touring act of felines trained to play instruments. They may not be the most technically proficient, but the one on the cowbell has some serious Blue Oyster Cult talent.

Watch 8 Bands That Feature Non-Human Musicians in the Loud List above!

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