Metallica songs have been covered by countless artists in just about every genre imaginable. Now, the band's iconic single "Enter Sandman" has been given a twangy makeover by Banjo Guy Ollie that you can check out above.

In addition to playing his namesake instrument, Banjo Guy Ollie does some serious mandolin shredding on the song, as well. You can find out more about Ollie and his other musical endeavors on his Facebook page.

Banjo Guy Ollie isn't the only artists to recently cover a Metallica track. The Harp Twins have released an ethereal harp cover of the band's "The Unforgiven." The identical twins have released an album covering rock and metal songs, titled Harp Attack, which you can download here.

If medieval folk music versions of Metallica is your genre of choice, you'll definitely want to watch the band Stary Olsa from Belarus play "One."

Big name rock bands like to cover Metallica songs, too. Metallica are one of the artists covered by Stone Sour on their upcoming Meanwhile in Burbank EP that will be released on Record Store Day April 18.

You Think You Know Metallica?


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