Earlier this month, the members of Baroness survived a horrific tour bus crash outside of Bath, England, as they were en route to Southampton for their next show. A majority of the group suffered serious injuries in the crash, which put all promotional activities on hold. Now comes word that the group is calling off the remainder of their touring for the rest of 2012.

The accident itself was pretty scary as the band's vehicle plummeted 30 feet over a viaduct, with firefighters on the scene eventually having to rescue several of the passengers inside. Singer John Baizley broke his left arm and left leg in the incident, while drummer Allen Blickle and bassist Matt Maggioni each had fractured vertebrae resulting from the impact of the crash.

Pete Adams remained the one member who escaped relatively unscathed, as he was treated and released. Adams was allowed to return home ahead of the rest of the band. Just last week, the band tweeted a photo from the hospital expressing their thanks for all the support they've received from fans.

Now there's more from the band, who issued a statement on their Facebook page announcing the tour cancellation and updating the statuses of their members. It reads:

John Baizley has been released from hospital. Allen and Matt have arrived back in the United States.

All remaining 2012 tour dates are canceled.

Thank you for all of the continued support.

Our best wishes go out to Baroness through the recovery process and hopes remain for a healthy 2013 and return to music.