Baroness had an incredibly successful year in 2012 with not only the release of the masterful 'Yellow & Green' double album, but also as a touring act with Meshuggah and Decapitated. Despite what was possibly the greatest year of their career musically, a horrifying bus accident has curbed the band since August 2012. However, frontman John Baizley and guitarist Pete Adams have slowly been picking themselves back up, as evidenced in this exclusive video of the duo performing 'Foolsong' live.

Baizley told us that a bus crash isn't the sort of thing at will stop Baroness during his first ever interview since the accident. Fans of the band never doubted Baizley's words for a second, and last weekend (Jan. 19 - 20), the Baroness frontman joined Converge onstage in Philadelphia to perform 'Coral Blue' with the band, only to open for Neurosis the very next day as a stripped-down version of Baroness alongside guitarist Pete Adams.

This performance of 'Foolsong' isn't only sonically beautiful, but acts as one of the most inspirational chapters in modern rock. After months of rehab, uncertainty and almost unimaginable torment, John Baizley and Pete Adams turned this performance into a declaration of their own perseverance.

Sit back and enjoy this unique and impassioned version of 'Foolsong' by John Baizley and Pete Adams, exclusively here on Loudwire.

Baroness' John Baizley and Pete Adams Perform 'Foolsong'

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