Beartooth are still riding high on the success of their sophomore album, Aggressive. Here, they've crafted a music video for "Sick of Me" (premiered by Kerrang!), which shines the spotlight on the daily struggles faced by people suffering from depression.

Before the song begins, we get brief backing stories behind three individuals who open up about what it's like to live with the mood disorder. When "Sick of Me" kicks in, the table is turned as stories of positivity and redemption unfold while we learn how these three found a way to combat and overcome depression, including a soul-searching cross-country journey, rock climbing and cosplay.

Part-way through the video, the music fades to the background as frontman Caleb Shomo details his own battle with the disorder. “Depression and anxiety isn’t something you just get away from. It's not something you can run from; it’s just inside you. For me it’s just always in my brain, it's always in there churning," he began, going on to note the pervasiveness of anxiety coupled with depression. "You can't run away from it, you have to deal with it and it's choosing how to deal with it. This song is a big way to help. At least for me, music has been implanted in my body. I come from a musical background," the singer added, also stating, "When I go onstage everything goes away."

Beartooth will be taking part in this year's Warped Tour, which surprisingly features a slew of aggressive bands from the rock and metal spectrum. The trek begins on June 16 in Seattle and will circle the U.S. throughout the summer, finishing off in Pomona, Calif. on Aug. 6. Check our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours for more information and a list of stops.

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