Some would argue that creating a globally headlining band, Behemoth in this instance, would mean achieving what would be considered the "ultimate goal" in life. While Nergal has done this, there's something else he's pursuing and it's the "driving force" of his life — love.

"That's one of the most difficult questions out there," Nergal admits in our recent interview when asked what love means to him. "I'd say that love is the ultimate goal of my life. Without love, this existence would be useless — we'd be lost," he adds, "So either way there's a love we are trying to find and embrace and ally with — that's the driving force."

After finishing this thought, Nergal then turns to the titles of his two latest works, Me and That Man's Songs of Love and Death and Behemoth's I Loved You at Your Darkest. With some of the sonic hallmarks of Me and That Man drifting over to Behemoth's new record, he realizes, "That's maybe another aspect that proves how much Me and That Man inspired Behemoth," indicating that more than just the music had an effect.

"Maybe this is the only extreme metal / radical metal title with 'love' in it, plus you've got love and darkness, two extremities, within one title," he comments in summation of I Loved You at Your Darkest.

Behemoth's new album is out now and you can read our review of the record here. "Ecclesia Diabolica America 2018 e.v.," their headlining North American tour with At the Gates and Wolves in the Throne Room, kicks off Oct. 20. See all the stops at this location.

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