Back in January, Danny Worsnop parted ways with Asking Alexandria, releasing a statement that read “over the past eight years the group has done some amazing things and created something truly special.” The singer, who is now focusing on his new band We Are Harlot, added that he wanted what’s best for the band and “at this point in time, that isn’t me.” Now, in a revealing interview, Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce says that Worsnop stopped caring about the band and said that “his heart wasn’t in it anymore.”

In the interview with Kerrang! (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), Bruce revealed that Worsnop leaving Asking Alexandria was “inevitable” and “needed to happen for… I wanna say a few months, but it's probably more like a few years.” He added, “Danny just stopped caring about Asking Alexandria; his heart wasn't in it anymore. He didn't like screaming, he didn't like heavy music, he didn't like the fans, he didn't like anything to do with Asking Alexandria.”

Bruce continued, "Me and Danny had been best friends for a very long time, [but] as sad as it is, or was, it was necessary." He added, "I know for certain that Asking Alexandria… are a lot happier now that Danny is not a part of the group. We don't have to worry about someone being in a bad mood all the time, or not turning up to stage on time.” He said, “We're relieved now. We can all move on and concentrate wholeheartedly on a band that we do still love and care about."

The guitarist also added, "I was very angry at Danny for a long time. He was my best friend and I felt like he'd abandoned me. I felt like him not caring about Asking Alexandria anymore was him abandoning me and what we'd created together. “ Bruce said when the news hit the wires it all kind of sunk in, “It didn't really hit until it all got publicly released, when it was all, 'I guess this is really happening…'"

Asking Alexandria have moved on with singer Denis Shaforostov, formerly of Ukranian metal act Make Me Famous. Bruce concluded, "Denis was the right choice to make. He's an incredibly talented vocalist, from the multiple wide range of screams That Asking Alexandria obviously needs and will continue to have, and his singing and range is out of this world. He's been a fan of the band for a long time, so he's familiar with all our old songs, and he really cares about the band."

The band just released their first song featuring Shaforostov, a track called "I Won't Give In.” Click here to listen to the track.

Next month, Asking Alexandria will join Black Veil BridesEscape the Fate and many others on Vans Warped Tour. The traveling festival kicks off in Anchorage, Alaska, on June 17 and wraps on Aug. 8 in Auburn, Washington. Get more information here.

Meanwhile, Danny Worsnop's new band We Are Harlot will play the campground party at the Loudwire Music Festival in Colorado on June 25. Get the details here.