Everyone goes to a concert because they want the visual experience in addition to what they can already get at home with their copies of an album. The range of what to expect at a concert is vast, with some bands opting to just come out with their equipment and a banner and can still win the crowd over. Other acts go through great lengths to conjure a full on spectacle and wearing a costume and mask is one of the greatest ways to pull this off.

Those who are willing to dismiss bands with masks as just a gimmick aren't looking into the overall artistic direction and vision of a band. Music is art, so why would it have to stop at just this component? Bands who opt to use costumes and masks are often one of the biggest live draws, which gives credence to the entertainment factor brought to the stage.

In this list, we're aiming to shine a light on which bands have done this to the greatest effect while still considering each group's musical output. Sure, some bands out there rely on masks and costumes to supersede their music and no, they won't be included here! We're looking at bands who have a balance to the visual and musical components the best.

Scroll through the gallery at the top of the page as we count down the 10 Best Masked Rock + Metal Acts!

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