The gospel of ‘Shuggah continues to spread 30 years into the band’s career. With one of the most powerful and atypical rhythm sections in metal history, Meshuggah made a new fan out of comedian Bill Burr, who described seeing the Swedish djenters live as “a fucking life altering experience.”

For years, Bill Burr has been easing fans into the work week with his Monday Morning Podcast. Regular listeners know that Burr has taken up drums as a hobby, getting deep into the technical skills of the kit’s most accomplished players. Like Neo taking the red pill from Morpheus in The Matrix, Burr was brought to Meshuggah’s recent Los Angeles show by his drum teacher, with the comic having never seen the band live before.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw a fucking band that blew my mind like that,” Burr said before raving about the drumming chops of Tomas Haake. “It’s like his body is playing two different songs. On top, he’d be playing in like 4/4 and then his feet… I don’t know… they’re playing like a completely different song. Then the band is playing the rhythm to his feet, but the crowd is nodding to what the fuck he’s doing with his hands.”

Burr went especially wild over “Bleed,” as he attempted to describe Haake’s polyrhythm to listeners. “It’s like you’re going insane,” Burr relays.

“I can’t say enough how fucking unbelievable that band is and you’re doing yourself a disservice as a human being if you never see them live. It was fucking unbelievable … For the rest of my life, as long as those guys play when they come to town, I’m definitely going to go see them.”

Listen to Bill Burr nerd out on Meshuggah in the clip above.

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