What do a human skull filled with Red Hots, 50 sheep heads and a Bob Hope impersonator have in common? They've all been demanded in the tour riders of some of rock and metal's biggest bands!

Rider: [rahy-der] noun - a list of requests that a band submits to a venue while on tour.

A band's rider is incredibly important. To ensure a quality performance from a band, rock venues understand that it's essential to keep their musicians happy before, during and after a gig. Venues can invest millions of dollars in a single performance from a band, but if even one band member isn't pleased with their meditation room, the availability of bacon or the lack of a zamboni, it can throw a wrench in the works of a live show before it even begins.

We've dug up some of the most hilarious, ridiculous and perplexing demands ever submitted to venues by your favorite bands. Get ready for a rare look into the intricate needs of a rock star in our list of Bizarre Tour Rider Requests.

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