Black Light Burns leader Wes Borland is getting things off on a freaky note for his 'The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fall' album. Borland's band just shot a short film for the lead single 'How to Look Naked' with director Agata Alexander that has a certain surreal quality to it.

The video headtrip begins with a man washed up on the shore while in the background it looks as though another man has fallen from the sky into the ocean. Cut to a close-up of the man's eye and the reflection of a car driving down the white-striped highway and it's clear this has entered David Lynch-like territory.

Borland approaches a man with bloody hands in his car and drives him to see the doctor, but when they arrive, Borland's companion has disappeared and it's him with the bloody hands. The doctor and his nurse seem more interested in probing each other than discovering Borland's malady, and eventually he leaves the office and enters a dimly lit fetish club where Black Light Burns begin to perform the single 'How to Look Naked' while a number of the patrons actually are naked and lit in neon black light paint.

The not-suitable-for-work clip comes with a warning than it is recommended for mature audiences. 'How to Look Naked' is the opening track on the recently released, 'The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fall' album.

Black Light Burns are currently touring the country in support of the disc. Psychostick and The Witch Was Right are opening dates on the run. Bornland says, "We're gonna get down, boogie woogie, do it the way we do it. Hands are encouraged to feel up, but not be thrown down. Do not say 'ho' if I say 'hey.' Nobody will literally have their head ripped off. The roof will remain where it is during the entire show. During the set, we encourage everyone to be the opposite of dressed. Let's smile a lot and make it look like we're having a good time just in case they're watching." Check out the dates below.

Watch Black Light Burns 'How to Look Naked' Video
Black Light Burns / Psychostick / The Witch Was Right Fall 2012 Dates:

9/15 –- Las Vegas, Nev. -- Bunkhouse
9/18 –- Austin, Texas -- Dirty Dog
9/17 –- Amarillo, Texas -- Leftwoods
9/20 –- Fort Worth, Texas --Tomcats West
9/21 –- Norman, Okla. -- The Chameleon Room
9/22 –- Kansas City, Mo. -- Aftershock
9/23 –- Wichita, Kan. -- America's Pub
9/25 –- San Antonio, Texas -- Korova
9/26 –- El Paso, Texas -- House of Rock
9/27 –- Tempe, Ariz. -- Rocky Point Cantina
9/28 –- Bakersfield, Calif. -- Elements Venue
9/29 –- Sacramento, Calif. -- Boardwalk
9/30 –- Modesto, Calif. -- The Clarion
10/1 –- West Hollywood, Calif. -- Whisky a Go Go