You’ve seen our Loud List of Death Metal Musicians Being Wholesome af. Now it’s time to get even deeper into the metal underground and the rare wholesome moments that take place within black metal.

Corpse paint has long been associated with evil and death, but none other than Abbath found a way to make it heartwarming. During an interview with the Necrosexual, they polished off the black metal interviewer’s face, giving him a shine fit for the newly dead. Abbath even spread some positive messages, stating, “Be yourself, don’t be afraid.”

Only one interviewer can boast about giving a handwritten poem to a member of Marduk. A lovely lady named Ann spoke with guitarist Morgan, recommending some local bars and cheesesteak spots in the greater Philadelphia area. Morgan was especially kind to Ann as well, proving that any two people can find common ground despite their differences.

What’s more wholesome than a pure love of music? Darkthrone’s Fenriz allowed one journalist into his home, playing a collection of his favorite songs while partaking in some adult beverages. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Fenriz has never been shy about being silly on camera, hilariously contrasting the vicious cold of Darkthrone’s music.

Check out these Black Metal Musicians Being Wholesome af in the Loud List below.

Black Metal Musicians Being Wholesome af

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