It may be the day after Thanksgiving, but Black Veil Brides are extending the thankfulness another day by revealing their new bassist and dropping a new two-song EP titled The Night on their fans.

Having recently revealed that bassist Ashley Purdy had split with the band, the group didn't have far to look to find his replacement. Lonny Eagleton, who has been playing for Andy Biersack's solo alter-ego Andy Black, will come on board to join the group.

In a tweet, Eagleton revealed:

Thrilled to announce that I am joining Black Veil Brides as their new bassist. Having been a longtime dedicated fan of this band, I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this new era.

Before I had any affiliation with the members, I used to fantasize about playing in this band, playing the music, wearing the makeup and stage outfits, so for that to now become my reality is completely surreal. It was only a couple of years ago that I was standing in the audience at their concerts, singing along, trying to catch guitar picks.

To now see myself in the videos and hear myself on the recordings is a feeling I can't even begin to explain. I look forward to this new beginning as the newest member of Black Veil Brides.

Eagleton is stepping right in, with the band issuing the first in what they call a series of "duologoies." These are two-song EPs that they expect to roll out instead of continuing with the traditional album format. The Night EP, released by their new label Sumerian Records, features the new songs "Saints of the Blood" and "The Vengeance," both of which have new videos that can be seen and heard below.

“With the feeling of nostalgia on this one, going back into the time when we were doing the rerecord [of We Stitch These Wounds],” Biersack told Alt Press, “The idea was to add two songs that felt very much like the band that we were in the past and maybe strayed away from [and] return to that form."

He continued, “Quite honestly, when you’ve been a band as long as we have and put out five full-length records, EPs and everything else, you want to do new stuff. I think this is a model that we’re really excited about, and moving forward, it’s a sustainable model that we can do, something that allows us to write songs together and release music, do music videos and artwork, bring it to people and say, ‘This is the new thing.’ And then half a year later, there’s another new thing.”

If you want to pick up The Night, head here for details on the various platforms available. While there, you can also see and get ticketing information on the band's upcoming tour with In This Moment.

Black Veil Brides, "Saints of the Blood"

Black Veil Brides, "The Vengeance"

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