What would emerge in the post-grunge world? As the latter portion of the '90s arrived, you could find everything from swing to electronic music vying for radio play, but the two sounds that seemed to take control were the heavier acts grouped into the moniker nu metal and a wealth of acts who took Green Day's lead and expanded the fan base for pop-punk. One of the leaders in the latter sound was Blink-182, who would become one of the biggest rock bands going over the next two decades.

They started small, breaking out of the Southern California scene and garnering some attention behind their 1995 debut Cheshire Cat. Dude Ranch saw them expand their fan base and by the time that Enema of the State came out in 1999, their career was ready to explode. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket and a self-titled album kept them hugely popular, but a surprise split in 2005 kept them out of the spotlight until they reunited and released Neighborhoods in 2011. After another conflict with Tom DeLonge, Blink continued their career with 2016's California, which found Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba stepping in to complete the trio.

As the titles come rushing back to you, you can see that Blink-182 has enjoyed a successful career and been one of the leaders in furthering the pop-punk sound over the years. But which of their releases is their best? Scroll through the gallery below as we rank Blink-182's studio albums from weakest to strongest.

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