Blink-182 recently announced that they are issuing a deluxe edition of their California album, but this isn't the standard "tack on a few extra tracks" release. There are 11 new songs that resulted from a burst of creative energy after the album had been issued, and rather than wait for the next studio album, the guys decided to make that the deluxe edition bonus. Having recently issued the song "Parking Lot," Blink-182 are giving fans another taste with the their new song "Misery"

Like many lyric videos, this one spells out the words of the song with some artistic flare, with the "Misery" lyrics having a watercolor aesthetic to it. As for the song, it starts off mostly somber in the verses, before it picks up in the chorus with a chugging force.

"There's a halo in the distance / Salvation's barely out of reach / Torn apart like the broken hearted / Up in smoke with the fire we started / Misery ... loves company / I don't need anyone / Smash it up like there's no tomorrow / Leave me here with the fear and sorrow / Misery ... loves company / I don't need anyone," comes scrolling across during the more anthemic chorus.

As stated, you can find "Misery" on Blink-182's California deluxe edition. Eleven brand new tracks along with an acoustic version of the hit single "Bored to Death" are found on the collection. You can look for it arriving on May 19.

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