A hearing was held today (July 26) on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), also known as UFOs, where a former military intelligence officer confirmed that the U.S. has possession of "nonhuman biologics" that were recovered from an alleged aircraft crash. Blink-182's own Tom DeLonge was mentioned during the hearing, and has since reacted to the news.

The hearing, dubbed Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security, Public Safety, and Government Transparency, was held today by the House Oversight Committee's national security subcommittee. During the hearing, U.S. Air Force officer and former intelligence official David Grusch testified that executive branch agencies have been withholding information regarding UAP for years, according to CBS News.

In his testimony, Grusch said that during his work investigating UAP for the Pentagon, he was informed of "a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program," and eventually questioned officials about the aircraft, which had "non-human biologics" recovered from it.

"Biologics came from some of these recoveries, yeah," Grusch said when asked if the "pilots" had been recovered from the crash. "Non-human, and that was the assessment of people with direct knowledge on the program I talked to that are currently still on the program."

Several other witnesses provided testimony confirming that they'd had encounters with UAP, including former Navy pilot Ryan Graves, who declared, "If everyone could see the sensor and video data I witnessed, our national conversation would change... I urge us to put aside stigma and address the security and safety issue this topic represents. If UAP are foreign drones, it is an urgent national security problem. If it is something else, it is an issue for science. In either case, unidentified objects are a concern for flight safety. The American people deserve to know what is happening in our skies. It is long overdue."

Former commanding officer of the U.S. Navy, David Favor, actually credited DeLonge and his To the Stars Academy during his testimony, saying, "It was this organization that pressed the issue with leading Industry experts and USG officials, worked with Leslie Keane, Ralph Blumenthal and Helene Cooper to publish the articles in the NYT in Dec 2017 admitting the USG was looking at UAPs and removed the Stigma of the UFO topic, which led to us being here today.

"Those articles opened a door for the Government and the public that cannot be closed. It has led to an interest from our elected officials who are not focused on “Little Green men” but on figuring out what these craft are, where are they from, the technology they possess, and how do they operate. It has also led to the Whistleblower protection act in the recent NDAA, which brings us to today."

You can watch the full hearing below.

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Upon hearing the news, DeLonge took to Twitter (now X) to share a brief reaction. He posted an emoji wearing sunglasses with a screenshot that reads, "Tom was right. Aliens f**king exist."

DeLonge has been arguing that aliens exist for quite some time now. The musician founded the company To the Stars, Inc. in 2015, which officially became To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences two years later. The research group captured footage of UFOs that was initially published by The New York Times, and then the U.S. Navy formally recognized and published the clips in 2020.

Watch Video From the Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs Hearing

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