There goes the neighborhood! Literally… Body Count and Megadeth legend Dave Mustaine just leveled Los Angeles with a performance of “Civil War.”

Ice-T and Body Count started off their 2017 Loudwire Music Awards set with their punishing Bloodlust cut “No Lives Matter.” It was a powerful moment with Ice-T raging against police brutality while performing.

After shaking the crowd with their topical call to action, Mustaine joined the Loudwire Music Awards nominees with guitar in-hand to crush “Civil War,” which the Megadeth icon provided a spoken-word intro for on Bloodlust. In addition to Mustaine's wicked playing, bassist Vincent Price had some solid moments while sitting in his throne.

Body Count and Dave Mustaine WENT OFF in front of the packed Los Angeles crowd. You just can’t go wrong with Dave Mustaine and Ernie C’s twin guitar attack, so check out the pro-shot video of “Civil War” above!

Watch Body Count's "No Lives Matter" at the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards

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