Incubus singer Brandon Boyd has revealed that the band has no immediate plan for the future as they close out the promotion cycle for 2011's 'If Not Now, When?' with the Honda Civic tour featuring co-headliner Linkin Park. The future is uncertain in terms of the band's label situation, as it completed its contract with longtime label Epic. Therefore, Boyd spoke about these aspects and about his personal aspirations.

"We have no plans, to tell you the truth, at the moment," Boyd said via a conference call, per Billboard. The band, which already went through a five-year chasm between 2006's 'Light Grenades' and 'If Not Now, When,' is keeping things open-ended.

While the band has no clear plans, Boyd himself has been toying with the idea of doing another solo record, which is something frontmen for incredibly successful rock bands often tend to do.

"I have been tinkering around, potentially, with a second solo record," the singer admitted. "That's probably the most likely scenario. But as far as Incubus right now, we'll probably take another break. Hopefully, it won't be as long, but what we'd like to do is arrive with the best of intentions and try to create music from a sense of urgency as well as purity and not necessarily based on a schedule. I know that can be frustrating for our listeners and stuff, but I think we'll make better music as a result."

At least Incubus' intentions are fully honorable, even if it means fans need to exercise a little patience while they plot their next move.

Having wrapped their contract with Epic means they're now free agents, able to do whatever they please. Boyd said the band is well aware of this status and is "trying to get our bearings to what we should do next, just as a band but also a band that is off in new territory again... I'm personally very excited about being in complete control, being a total control freak. That doesn't mean we wouldn't sign with another record label at some point, but it would have to be very, very specific, not get into just a good old fashioned record deal again, if they even exist."

It appears as though Incubus are the masters of their own destiny.