Things have been relatively quiet in the Breaking Benjamin for the past few years, save for an announcement in April of this year that the legal dispute between Benjamin Burnley and two ex-members of the band was resolved, giving Burnley the rights to use the band name moving forward.

In the wake of the legal resolution, Burnley, who battled health issues in recent years, vowed to keep Breaking Benjamin alive but still kept a pretty low profile over the last few months. However, in the last couple of weeks some videos have been popping up on the Breaking Benjamin Facebook page of a solo Burnley playing Breaking Benjamin songs at some local haunts in Pennsylvania. The latest clip shows Burnley in a very intimate setting sporting just an acoustic guitar performing a moving rendition of the Breaking Benjamin song ‘Dear Agony.’

The clip has spawned immense support from his fans. With roughly 50,000 "likes" and over 10,000 "shares," it’s safe to say that Breaking Benjamin have been missed.

The shows have been very low key with Burnley posting messages on Twitter the day of his appearances simply inviting fans to “come hang out.” Although no official announcement or news has been shared regarding the current and future status of Breaking Benjamin, it’s clear that Burnley is enjoying playing out again which is a positive sign for the band.

Check out the video of Burnley performing ‘Dear Agony’ below.

Benjamin Burnley of Breaking Benjamin Performs 'Dear Agony'