Kudos to Breaking Benjamin! For the second time this year, the band has entered the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame with one of their songs by winning five battles in a row. This time, it's "Angels Fall," the melodically dark rocker and second single from the band's Dark Before Dawn disc. It follows on the heels of "Failure," which also accomplished the Cage Match Hall of Fame feat earlier in 2015.

As for "Angels Fall," the track began its Cage Match run by defeating four-time champ Shinedown and their song "Cut the Cord" with 56 percent of the vote. Papa Roach's "Gravity" put up a battle, but ultimately fell to "Angels Fall."

After back-to-back decisive victories over Halestorm's "I Am the Fire" and Buckcherry's "Bring It On Back," Breaking Benjamin completed their road to the Cage Match Hall of Fame with a hard fought victory over Three Days Grace's "Fallen Angel."

Congrats to Breaking Benjamin and their fans who vote for making "Angels Fall" the latest entry into the Cage Match Hall of Fame. Take another listen to the track below and see all of the previous songs that have completed the five victory Cage Match Hall of Fame run by clicking the red button below.

Breaking Benjamin, "Angels Fall"