We're still a full month ahead of Breaking Benjamin's new album, but the band is making sure that their fans are fully prepped for the Dark Before Dawn disc. They've just unleashed the third new song from the album, a track called "Defeated."

As you can hear, the song lies on the heavier side, with more riffy-guitar work and thunderous drumming. And while the song is titled "Defeated," the subject matter is about overcoming obstacles and standing on your own. It's a grittier song than some of their more melodic work and has "anthem" written all over it.

As has been stated, vocalist Ben Burnley remains the lone holdover from Breaking Benjamin's last album, but he's constructed a lineup that seems to be on top of their game. He recently told Full Metal Jackie, "Well, the band is better than it’s ever been. Obviously, that’s the whole point of moving forward. It’s to progress not digress, so we’re able to you know, everybody was available to try this out and everything worked out really well."

"Defeated" comes on the heels of the band's current hit single "Failure" as well as the recently previewed cut "Angels Fall." "Failure" just completed an outstanding run in the Loudwire Cage Match, where it won five consecutive matches to be retired to the Cage Match Hall of Fame.

If you like what you hear of the band's music so far, you can pre-order the Dark Before Dawn disc at both Amazon and iTunes. The album will officially be in stores as of June 23. And catch them on tour at these stops.

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