Brendon Small is at his best when his audio and visual worlds meet. The Metalocalypse creator has an esteemed background in animation and he brought it to "Nightmare," the Galaktikon track off last year's sophomore effort, Galaktikon II: Become the Storm, with a seven-plus minute short film paying homage to some of sci-fi's most classic eras.

“'Nightmare' is a love letter to all the filmmakers in the ‘70s and ‘80s that helped inform the creativity in my childhood," comments Small, singling out Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Tobe Hooper, Roger Corman and Dino De Laurentiis to name just a few. He abided by the self-coined "Corman '82" rule when creating the video, which took over a year to complete, meaning that if the legendary producer was capable of making certain effects happen back then, that's the route Small took — which means these graphics were not made with modern computer images.

He worked with his brother, Jeff, who is a special effects artist who has worked on Where the Wild Things ArePacific Rim. They crafted a live action narrative for the brooding song. The bubble-eyed gasmask character leads the story, commanding a spaceship, but quickly finds himself in trouble and at the mercy of a nefarious space queen, played by Huntress' Jill Janus.

Small's aim is to expand the visual representation of Galaktikon II: Become the Storm and this is a promising start. Watch the video above and soak up that classic sci-fi glory.

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