Brendon Small, best known as the mastermind behind the Metalocalypse animated series and its feature band Dethklok, has been busy with his Galaktikon project in recent years. The new album, Galaktikon II: Become the Storm, is out now and there's plenty more coming from Small and the Galaktikon world.

The band's first album tells the tale of an intergalactic divorce story and if you were left craving more from this story, there's good news for you! The saga will play out across a six-issue series of Galaktikon comic books, which marks Small's first foray into the world of comics. He has plenty of experience in the writing room as far as television goes, but this presented a new challenge and we asked Small what's different about the creative process for an endeavor like this.

Back on the musical side of Galaktikon, fans are painfully aware that the band's live appearances are fleeting. "The whole idea is if I'm going to do this... I want to be able to do something on par with what I did with the live Dethklok shows. I thought that was — basically the Dethklok shows, my concept was, 'I want this to feel like Disneyland for heavy metal people,'" Small explained. He's currently mapping out what he needs in order to do a live tour and a concept for what sounds like a killer new music video. What's the plan? You'll have to watch to find out!

Grab your copy of Galaktikon II: Become the Storm as well as the Galaktikon comic books at the band's webstore and follow both Brendon Small and Galaktikon on Facebook to stay up to date with everything they’re doing.

Brendon Small Talks New Galaktikon Album, Mixing With 'High Ears' + More

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